About moho

moho creative finds itself bound by Philadelphia to the Southwest and Greater New York City to the Northeast.   But it’s roots can be traced back to the post-2008 Financial Crisis days in Manhattan.   

Leaving corporate jobs behind, moho was founded with the idea that modern camera technology could provide our clients with a highly produced (and expensive) look, without the high cost typically associated with large productions. 

After escaping the city for greener (and somewhat weedier) pastures, we’ve found that same truth to hold today.   By combining modern cameras with a flair for the artistic and award-winning editing – we have found a formula to provide our clients with videos that repeatedly and consistently outperform expectations.  

Oh, the origin of the name you ask?   Mike’s grandparents operated a popular diner in his hometown.  It was nicknamed “The Monkey House”. And from that, moho’s name was born. 

Who is moho?

Meredith Cooklis

Just call her Mer … or that girl who lives in the editing room. In fact, Mer has no time to write a bio because she’s always editing. 

Luckily she loves it.

A recovering people pleaser, a connoisseur of houseplants and a girl with many passions (but mostly for dogs and food) – Mer is rarely seen without a smile on her face (and a margarita in her hand).

She loves working with her husband every day (no Mike didn’t write this) and loves her 2 mini-mers. 

She loves getting to know people, hearing their stories and then re-telling those stories in her edits.

She can’t wait to get to know you. 

Mike Cooklis

Born with a photography dark room in his basement, Mike couldn’t have avoided a camera if he tried.   He learned photography at the school of hard knocks – and after possible over-exposure to photo developing chemicals – he made the decision to matriculate to a prestigious state university somewhere in the middle of Pennsylvania.  Earning a more reasonable business degree. 

Armed with a fancy degree, full of boundless optimism, and destined for greatness – Mike followed a girl to Manhattan. 

But the lure of the camera kept calling.  And in 2009, while on a honeymoon with that same girl, Mike said the following words which would soon go down in moho lore:

“Why don’t we do a video company thingy?”

And the rest was history. 

After a brief layover in Philadelphia, children were born and moho fled to suburban Bucks County to set down roots.

And this is where they remain.  Mike has mastered much along the way:  camera thingy’s, audio thingy’s, lighting thingy’s and drone thingy’s just to name a few.   

Mike’s only hobby is golf.   Which is something you’ll probably hear about within an hour of working with him.